Sales Mastery 
In Just 60 Minutes!

Discover the Proven Scientific Solution to Your Burning Sales Problem

This decides 80% of your sales success rate.

What Happens Inside?

You bring  one problem. Something that's the most painful.
You exactly tell me a desired outcome from that 60 Minutes Session.
I give you a sales solution that can be implemented immediately. You design a SMART action.
Get direct access to me on Watsapp for the next 2 weeks.

Why Participate in 60 Mins Sales Mastery?

You do not have time to invest in a pre-recorded course that you end up not finishing.

You need that 1 solution to your burning problem.

You need the best in the industry to hand-hold you in the sales journey.

Come up with SMART solution along with an expert who can bring a quantum leap in how you deal with sales.

Acquire That ONE Solution to That One Biggest Sales Problem In Just 60 Minutes.

Discover your strengths in sales.

Discover that gap in the sales techniques you are using.

Distinguishing yourself in a fiercely competitive job market.

Find out that ONE solutions you have been looking for.

Be more sales confident.

Acquire Sales Intelligence.

This workshop is designed to benefit

Sales professionals who are trying their best but always meet a salesblock.

Those who often find it hard to negotiate.

Working sales professionals who are not able to meet the sales numbers

Sales Enthusiasts who wants to get in front-line sales.

Sales professionals who wants to bag the managerial roles

*Please refrain from joining the workshop if you are a business owner, a student, or seeking shortcuts.

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Free Ebook On How to Attract High-Ticket Clients

Meet Your Coach

Pritha Dubey

Pritha Dubey is a visionary leader and the driving force behind a transformative business Success Vitamin. She is an international Sales Trainer, Certified Leadership Coach, Gender & Diversity Advisor, and Keynote Speaker. As a Leaders Excellence Certified Instructor and Marshall Goldsmith certified coach, she is renowned for creating fearless sales superstars who sell from the heart.

As the Founder of Success Vitamin, Pritha Dubey has established her business as a premier transformation lab, dedicated to cultivating sales superstars who excel in the science of selling with emotional intelligence.

It offers a comprehensive suite of coaching, training, and consulting services designed to elevate sales strategies, leadership capabilities, and management skills. With a focus on personalized and scalable learning solutions, Success Vitamin operates at the intersection of sales science and emotional intelligence, providing clients with the tools 

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for transforming lives, Pritha Dubey and Success Vitamin are at the forefront of shaping the future of sales, leadership, and entrepreneurship.



Leading Success Vitamin- A premium Sales coaching and Training Firm.


Years of Sales Experience in multiple industries.


Working professionals trained