A Winning Deal

In today's business world, being able to negotiate a winning deal is a crucial skill. Whether you are dealing with clients, suppliers, or colleagues, effective negotiation can help you achieve your goals and secure favourable outcomes.

Author : Pritha Dubey  Language: English

What you get?

Comprehensive Foundation: The eBook lays down a solid foundation in negotiation techniques, covering the basics to empower readers at all levels.

Case Studies: Pritha Dubey's real-world experience shines through as she offers practical tips that can be immediately applied in negotiations.

Confidence Boost: Readers gain the confidence needed to navigate complex negotiations, building rapport and creating mutually beneficial outcomes.

Adaptable Approach: The book provides a versatile approach applicable to various industries and scenarios, enhancing its value across diverse sales contexts

Social Experiment: This book also covers a social experiment done on LinkedIn To give you more insight to the world of negotiation.

Who is this For?

Sales Enthusiasts

Sales Managers


Anyone who wants to increase their sales quotient.

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