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This program has garnered social fans from all the platforms as Pritha Dubey provides valuable sales lessons from her experience and expertise in the sales industry.

Instructor: Pritha Dubey Language: English

The “Sales in 60 Secs” program by International sales coach Pritha Dubey offers a compact yet powerful approach to enhancing sales skills. In just 60 seconds, it delivers concise strategies, enabling quick integration into daily practices. This program’s succinct nature ensures time-efficient learning, providing actionable insights that can be immediately applied to boost sales performance and drive results. Embrace the advantage of focused, rapid learning with “Sales in 60 Secs” for accelerated sales success.

Who is this For?

Sales Enthusiasts

Sales Managers


Anyone who wants to increase their sales quotient.

Course Curriculum

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Sales Tips in 60 Seconds - Concepts
  • What is Sales Mindset?
  • Understand What is USP?
  • What Is Value Proposition
  • Buyer Persona
  • What is Value in the Client's mind?
  • What is IQ in Sales?
  • What is EQ in Sales?
  • Basics of Social Selling
  • Social Selling and Reciprocity
Sales in 60 Sec. - Sales Science and Principles
  • Science of Trial Close
  • The Science of Asking for Refferral
  • Enterprise Sales Science
  • Principle of Influence - Likability
Sales Tips in 60 Sec. - How to of Sales
  • Answer These 2 Questions For Your Buyers
  • How To Build Rapport
  • How To Establish Credibility
  • How Much To Pitch
  • Pitch To The Right Buyer
  • How to Sell on LinkedIn 1
  • How to sell on LinkedIn 2
  • How to sell on LinkedIn 3
Sales in 60 Sec. - Are you Confident?
  • What Does Your CRM tell You?
  • Do you get Nervous to quote high price?
  • Do you Hesitate to ask for an Order?
Sales in 60 Sec. - Sales Presentations
  • Preparation In Sales
  • What To Keep In Mind In Sales Presentations
  • Sales Presentations Part 2
  • 5 Disciplines of a Sales Person
  • Using Jargons during sales call
Sales in 60 Sec. - Power Word
  • Power Word YOU
  • Power Words- Part 2
  • Power Words - Part 3
Sales in 60 Sec. - Prospecting in Sales
  • Prospecting Tips
  • 5 Ways To Prospect
  • What is Video Prospecting?
Sales in 60 Sec. - Client Handling
  • Speak The Client's Language
  • Identify Your Client Sensory System
  • Why Client says they want to think?
  • How to Sense client budget
  • How to Influence Client's Decisions
  • How to Prevent Client ghosting?
  • Do you Engage every client?
  • How To Handle An Irate Client
  • Learn From Client Rejections
  • How to directly ask your client?
Sales in 60 Sec. - Outreach
  • Cold Outreach Science
  • Cold Call Quick Tips
  • What To Avoid In Cold Outreach Mails?
  • How to Send Cold Outreach Message
  • How To Structure A Cold Outreach Message
Sales in 60 Sec - Probing
  • Science of Probing
  • Probing Skills To Identify Client Needs
Sales in 60 Sec - Objection Handling
  • How to Handle Client Objection
  • How to Handle Competition Objection?
  • How not to worry about client objection.
  • A word you should not use during objection handling
  • When To Use BUT in a Conversation?
  • Reversing a client Objection
Sales in 60 sec. Client Follow Up
  • Benifits of Client Follow Up
  • Follow Up Etiquette
Sales in 60 Sec. Tips on Pricing and Communication
  • A Critical Sales Communication Skills
  • Interruptions During Listening
  • Avoid These Statements In Sales Conversations
  • Sales Discipline of Sales Superstar
  • Is it important to do a lead qualification?
  • Never Compete On Price
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Things to be mindful during needs Analysis
  • Don't Help Support
  • Should you use the word "CONTRACT"?
Sales In 60 Seconds - Content Funnels, Negotiation
  • Get your Customers to Buy
  • Are you Leveraging LinkedIn to Share?
  • What is Elevator Pitch?
  • Why Can't You say No to a Client?
  • What makes Customer Really Happy?
  • What is Credibility?
  • What is Biased Listening?
  • What is Content Funnel Strategy?
  • Unbiased Listening Skills
  • Negotiation as a Process
  • Is Negotiation a Stage or Process?
Sales in 60 sec. - Communications
  • Quick Tips to Negotiate Better
  • Things Not to Say While Prospecting
  • What not to ask to your B2B client
  • How to Grab your Prospect's Attention
  • What you wish your Prospect would say to you?
  • What is the difference between empathy and sympathy in sales?
  • Marketing for a salesperson
  • Cold Outreach on LinkedIn
  • Why you should go back to your existing customer
  • Quick tip to premium price positioning
  • Are you closing your sales?
Sales in 60 seconds - Sales Closure
  • Sales Closing Tactic
  • How to use AIDA in sales
  • Get customers to Say YES immidiately
  • How to solve Customer's Pain
  • Sales communication to Master
  • What is Structured Approach in Sales?
  • Sales Communication to Master



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